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Sign Up for Funds4Books

Librarians/media specialists, teachers, principals, district administrators, and PTA/O leaders can sign up for Funds4Books. Any parent, grandparent, friend, business or community organization can donate. Popular times for holding the campaign include during conferences, holidays, back-to-school…

Manage Funds4Books

To manage your Funds4Books account, log into and navigate to My Mackin > My Funds4Books > My Campaigns. From the My Campaigns page, you can do several things. Start New Campaign View Campaigns Edit Campaign Details Design Webpage View Donations Start New Campaign To start a new…

Funds4Books Ordering

When it comes to ordering titles, we recommend over-ordering by 20% and prioritizing titles to make sure we use all of your funding dollars. To place an order online, open the list you’ve created to view all titles and click the Order Now button. Select the standard checkout to proceed. Click…

Edit Funds4Books Webpage

To edit your Funds4Books webpage, first log into and choose My Mackin > My Funds4Books > My Campaigns. Select Edit Campaign under the name of your campaign. There, you can edit basic information about your campaign, such as the name, goal donation amount, and start/end dates….

Tax-Deductable Donations

Donations to public schools, private non-profit schools and charitable foundations for the purchase of educational materials are tax deductible under 170c1 and/or 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Seek assistance from a tax consultant regarding income tax deductions.

Custom Wish List

If you have a list of titles your library needs, you can add it to your webpage so your donors can donate books to your library. Our Custom Wish List feature allows you to collect book donations in addition to monetary donations, enhancing the experience your donors have supporting your…

Secure Payment

Funds4Books donations are made via our secure credit-card-processing partner,, which uses the latest encryption technologies to keep your account information safe.


Anyone who donates, regardless of the amount, will receive a receipt if a valid email address is provided.

Payment Processing Timeline

Credit cards and electronic checks are processed immediately. If submitting a check, processing time will vary depending on delivery to our offices.

Payment Confirmation

You receive a receipt online immediately after we process your transaction. If an email address is entered, you’ll also receive confirmation via email that your account has been charged. Look for “” on your credit card or bank statement. If a transaction is declined,…