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Archive for category: Edit or Delete Assignments

Remove Student from Assignment

A member of an assignment can be manually removed if needed. This will free up the copy to be redeemed by another student. This situation could occur if the wrong student accidentally redeems a code or a student is no longer in the class or is no longer enrolled at the school. Students cannot…

Cannot Delete Assignment

If the assignment has members, it cannot be deleted. Members must be removed first. Students cannot remove themselves from an assignment. Only an administrator or the group manager who created the assignment can remove members.

Editing Assignment Code

If you edit the Assignment Code, the Assignments page in the student’s Backpack will display the new code for the resource. There is no need to redeem the new code for existing members.

Editing Parameters

Several things can be changed when editing an assignment: Copies (never below number of members) From Date To Date Assignment Code (click the refresh button next to the code until a suitable code is generated) Please note: These parameters can be adjusted only if the assignment is in Scheduled…

Edit or Delete an Assignment

Full Administrators can edit and delete all assignments. Group Managers can only edit or delete assignments they created. Once an assignment is created, it will fall into one of three statuses: Scheduled, Active, or Inactive. Scheduled assignments have not yet reached the start date. Active…