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Merge Lists

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NOTE: The original list you seek to combine with another list will remain intact when you choose the following Merge option. For example, if you merge a list entitled “Japanese Graphic Novels” into a separate list “Graphic Novels,” then the “Japanese Graphic Novels” list will remain intact. However, “Graphic Novels” as it existed before the additional items from the “Japanese Graphic Novels” will no longer be available. “Graphic Novels” will now include all the items from “Japanese Graphic Novels” in addition to all the items it had before the merge.

If you would like to maintain both lists, simply create a new list and merge the existing lists into the new one. So in the above example, you could create a new list entitled “Bilingual Graphic Novels” and merge “Japanese Graphic Novels” into it. After that, merge “Graphic Novels” into “Bilingual Graphic Novels.” That way you will have three lists: the original “Japanese Graphic Novels,” the original “Graphic Novels,” and the list that combines the two.

Log into and navigate to My Lists > See All Lists.

List Totals

Under the Options menu, choose Merge.

Merge Lists

You will be taken to a page called Merge Lists. From the drop-down menu, choose the list you would like to merge and its destination. You may create a new list or merge into an existing one. When lists have been chosen, click on Merge. If you have multiple lists to merge, each must be done individually.

Merge Lists

Clicking on the Info Symbol Info will pull up the following window with further instructions:

Merge Lists

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