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Purchases made prior to setting up your MackinVIA account:
As long as you have MARC records for your existing eResources, we can load them into MackinVIA™. With the initial purchase of digital resources from Mackin, your first migration of existing titles into MackinVIA is complimentary. Please be sure to send us your request in writing and include all digital resources in your catalog at the time of your request. To keep your subscription eResources accessible in MackinVIA, you must renew your subscriptions through Mackin, if they are available for purchase through Mackin. Migration of additional digital resources after the first migration may be subject to charge. See PDF below for detailed information.

Purchases that cannot be made through Mackin:
As an additional customer service, all digital purchases that are not made through Mackin can be added to MackinVIA by the administrator using the Add/Edit feature tool in the MackinVIA administrative settings. The instructions for adding resources can be found in the Administrator Help Guide. Mackin can also assist you in adding resources into MackinVIA for a fee. See PDF below for detailed information.

Digital Purchasing and Migration Policies PDF

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