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Additional Titles Needed

The Additional Titles Needed do not take into account overages by section. For example, if you currently have 375 titles in the Natural Sciences & Math section and recommendations say you only need 350, the 25 extra are not recorded in additional needed. Instead a “0” is…


If you would like orders cataloged and processed, we need your specifications on file at Mackin. They can be faxed, mailed, completed online, emailed or given to a customer service representative over the phone. To complete your specifications online, go to our Cataloging and Processing Form….

Free Standard Cataloging and Processing

Standard cataloging and processing is a free Mackin service. Standard processing includes a barcode, spine label, MARC record, a mylar cover on jacketed books, and a reading program label (if applicable to your school). If your school requires additional items such as theft protection, a second…