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If you would like orders cataloged and processed, we need your specifications on file at Mackin. They can be faxed, mailed, completed online, emailed or given to a customer service representative over the phone. To complete your specifications online, go to our Cataloging and Processing form….

Special Processing

At times there may be materials that require processing outside of standard library processing (classroom sets, professional materials, etc.). For these items, you will need to indicate that these materials require special handling, since our standard is to always use the cataloging and…

Import MARC Records

MARC records are part of our standard free processing and are sent with each shipment in an order. Depending on how they are requested on the cataloging and processing form (see Specifications), records can be sent on CD, emailed (delivered as an attachment to the shipment notification), or…


We have added an 856 tag to all our MARC records that links to a full-color cover image of the title. You can view book covers right from your circulation system — at no cost to you. This will affect all new MARC records you obtain from Mackin. If you want to add the BookLook […]

Apply Non-Standard Processing Charges

Processing charges are not included on lists created on the website. In order to determine what charges are incurred with the non-standard options that your library has selected, a quote will need to be requested to include this information (see requesting a quote).

Non-Standard Cataloging and Processing

Mackin offers several processing options outside of the free standard cataloging and processing we provide. We can apply your school’s unique property stamp in any location you choose. We also apply any type of theft-detection device including nonprint theft detection used with 3M security…

Free Standard Cataloging and Processing

Standard cataloging and processing is a free Mackin service. Standard processing includes a barcode, spine label, MARC record, a mylar cover on jacketed books, and a reading program label (if applicable to your school). If your school requires additional items such as theft protection, a second…