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Archive for category: Join Assignments

Multiple Assignments for the Same Resource

Student may be assigned the same resource multiple times within an overlapping time frame. Students can have multiple assignments of the same resource, but different codes must be redeemed. This could happen if two teachers utilize the same resource in different classes or units. However, any…

Assignments and Checkouts/Holds/Requests

If students already have a resource checked out when an assignment begins for the same resource, The student will have two copies. The checkout is completely independent of the assignment. If students already have a resource on hold when an assignment begins for the same resource, the student…

Redeeming Assignment Codes

The redemption is tied to the user, not the device. Students cannot redeem the code while offline. Assignments Codes can only be redeemed while online.

Locks on Cover Images

When there is an image of a lock over a title cover, this indicates the assignment start date has not arrived, but the assigned resource is locked into place. When the start date arrives, the lock is removed.

Entering Assignment Codes

The hyphen is not necessary, but it can be entered. The system only cares about the letters and numbers. Though it is displayed in caps, the code is NOT case sensitive. If an assignment has already started, assuming the code is valid, you can still enter a code and join up with an active…

Join an Assignment

For every assignment that is created, an Assignment Code will be generated by the MackinVIA system. The code (e.g. “XFX-222”) is a necessity for patrons to redeem and essentially “opt in” to the assignment and become a member. Without a valid code, it is impossible for students to join…