Change Formats

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Single List Item

There are a few ways you can change the bindings/formats on your list. If you want to change the format of a single list item, make sure that other formats/bindings are available (please read this topic for more information).


Open the item’s Full Record by clicking on the title and choose More Format Options (if More Format Options isn’t listed, then there are no additional formats available from the publisher).


A pop-up window will appear. Uncheck the box next to the format you don’t want, then check the box next to the format you do want. To permanently remove the deselected title, please read Delete List Items.


Multiple List Items

If you want to change every title on your list from MB (MackinBound) to PBK (Paperback) or from PBK to MB, you can do that without having to open each title’s Full Record. Open the list that you want to change, then go to Options on the main menu, select Changes, and then either MB to PBK or PBK to MB.