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Archive for category: CD/MP3s

Audiobook CD/MP3 Student Use

When a “physical” audiobook (CD, MP3-CD) is purchased for a classroom or by a library, it can be lent to the students or patrons. But only one student or patron can borrow it at a time (one book, one user basis). The first one will have to bring it back to the school or the…

Audiobook CD/MP3 Restrictions

The only person that is allowed to load the audio is the patron/student. The library cannot load the audio for the patron/student. It must be done at home.

Audiobook CD/MP3 Content Deletion

Publishers expect that once a student is finished, he/she will delete the content from their device.  However, once the MP3/CD is returned to the library, the next student may check it out and upload it to their device, even if the last student is not finished with the content on their…

About Audiobook CDs & MP3s

When an item on indicates MP3, that means that it is an MP3 formatted CD instead of an electronic file or download. MP3 stands for Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), Audio Layer 3. The total file size is smaller, without sacrificing audio quality, allowing for more storage. While a…