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ILS Integration Partnerships

The following table illustrates the current status of our ILS partnerships/features: *SirsiDynix integration available through eResource Central (eRC). The optional features available through these partnerships are detailed below: MARC Record Import: MARC records will be automatically uploaded…

Supported Platforms and Devices

Online Browser Requirements for the 2019-2020 School Year: For the best online reading experience: Edge: 14 and up Chrome: Latest version Firefox: Latest version Safari: Latest version Offline Device Compatibility for the 2019-2020 School Year: For the best offline reading experience, install the…

Creative Ways to Use MackinVIA

While we know the list of ideas will grow, here are some ideas for teachers wanting to use MackinVIA™ in their classroom. If you found a great way to use MackinVIA in your school and would like to share your ideas with other educators, please feel free to email us at….

District-and-State-Purchased Resources

If your district has purchased digital resources from a company other than Mackin, these can be loaded into MackinVIA™ if you have MARC records for them. Renewals need to be purchased from Mackin, when available. MARC records are also required for digital resources purchased by your state….

Custom Resource Lists

As with print materials, we offer FREE collection development lists for our digital resources. Visit the Collection Development page to request a custom list. On the Home page, choose Services > Library > Collection Management. Once you’re on that page, click the button…

About Managing MackinVIA

To access the MackinVIA management pages, first log into and select My MackinVIA from the main menu, or log into your MackinVIA Administrator account directly ( with your email address and password. Click Settings > General (make sure…