New School Services

Mackin is one of the leading providers of New School Services for schools around the country. We customize every aspect of our services to make sure that your needs are met. For personalized service, please feel free to contact our New School Services Coordinators at or call 800.245.9540 and ask for the New School Services Department.

Take-Home Books & Bags

To skip to a subsection of this topic, choose from the links below. About Take-Home Books & Bags Custom Lists Dollar Allocation Ideas for Take-Home Reading About Take-Home Books & Bags Mackin provides high-quality and affordable books, with optional backpacks or bags, for at-home or in-school use. Our database contains leveling information for the following…


You will enjoy discounts up to 45% off list price simply by using Mackin. We provide the best bottom line price on the nation’s most popular school titles because of our exclusive acquisition service with over 18,000 publishers. Of course, book prices vary depending on a host of features: content, binding, reading level, and publisher.