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Mackin Educational Resources is a one-source acquisition service providing more than 3 million titles from over 18,000 different publishers through one continuously updated online catalog: To skip to a subsection of this topic, choose from the links below. Log in Create a New…

New List

New List From Shopping Cart Menu If you want the titles saved to a new list, click on your Shopping Cart and select New List from the menu and fill out the information in the pop-up window. After selecting New List or Create List, a pop-up form will appear prompting you to enter the list…

Delete Lists

If you would like to delete a list you created, make sure you are viewing the list you want to delete, then go to Options in the dropdown menu and choose Delete List. You will be asked to confirm your request to delete the list. You may also delete a list when viewing My Lists […]

Manage Your Lists

You can manage all of your submitted and unsubmitted lists from the My Lists page. Go to My Account>My Lists to access your lists. Individual List To view and adjust information for an individual list, select the Manage dropdown menu next to the desired list. From the Manage menu, you…