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Merge Lists

Please Note: When combining lists, your original list will remain intact after you select the Merge option. For example, if you merge a list entitled “Japanese Graphic Novels” into a separate list entitled “Graphic Novels”, then the “Japanese Graphic Novels” list will remain…

Delete Lists

If you would like to delete a list you created, make sure you are viewing the list you want to delete, then go to Options in the dropdown menu and choose Delete List. You will be asked to confirm your request to delete the list. You may also delete a list when viewing My Lists […]

Add or Delete Titles

Adding From the Search Results page, checking the box next to a title (in the Select column) immediately adds the title to your current list. Similarly, you may add a title from a Full Record page by checking the Select box in the sidebar. Make sure you are saving the title to the list you…