Change Product Types

Single List Item There are a few ways you can change the bindings/product types on your list. If you want to change the type of a single list item, make sure that other bindings/products are available (For more information on products, please click here). Current product types can be seen when viewing your lists. Open…

Activate Dup Check

Dup Check examines a list for exact matches or items that share the same Title, Author, Added Entry, and Series Title. Open the list that you want Dup Check to scan for duplicates. From the List Detail page, go to Options > Dup Check. If there are any matches, uncheck the items you don’t want. NOTE: You will need to delete the deselected…

Damaged Items

MackinBounds are durable and made to last. Should a MackinBound binding fail, just contact Customer Service at or call us at 800.245.9540 and we’ll put a credit on your account for the failed item or send you a replacement at no charge.