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Schoology Integration

MackinVIA can be integrated with Schoology, providing users with greater accessibility to your digital collection. This connection allows librarians and teachers to access their Backpack accounts within the learning management system (LMS) and add MackinVIA resources or groups to courses….

Google Classroom

Full Administrators and Group Managers can post MackinVIA resources, groups, assignments, class sets and categories to their Google Classroom accounts using the Share buttons. To skip to a subsection of this topic, choose from the links below. Activate Integration Locate the Share Button…

Creative Ways to Use MackinVIA

While we know the list of ideas will grow, here are some ideas for teachers wanting to use MackinVIA™ in their classroom. If you found a great way to use MackinVIA in your school and would like to share your ideas with other educators, please feel free to email us at….