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Assignment Periods

On the start day, students can access assignments at approximately 3 a.m.  and on the final day, students have access until approximately 9 p.m. in the account’s time zone. These times are not adjusted for Daylight Savings Time (DST), effectively making them 4 a.m. and 10 p.m. while DST is…

Canceling Assigned Resources

Assigned resources cannot be canceled using the Circulation feature. However, members can be removed from scheduled and active assignments by full administrators (for all assignments) and group managers (only from assignments they created) on the View Members page.

Offline Access to Assignments

Students can access assigned resources while offline, but only when the resource has been downloaded. Anything not downloaded will not appear in the assignment list.

Return or Renew Assignments

Assignments cannot be returned or renewed. The resource will automatically be made available to the student on the day the assignment start day. It will be automatically returned when the assignment ends.

Read an Assignment

After the assignment is created, and the students successfully redeem the Assignment Code to become members, they will be able to read the assigned resource when the assignment period begins. In other words, when the assignment reaches Active status, the lock is removed from the resource and it…