Creative Ways to Use MackinVIA

While we know the list of ideas will grow, here are some ideas for teachers wanting to use MackinVIA™ in their classroom. If you found a great way to use MackinVIA in your school and would like to share your ideas with other educators, please feel free to email us at Don’t forget to provide your school and name so we can give you credit for your great ideas!

  1. Save MackinVIA to your favorites or as a shortcut on your classroom computers so that students can get to the login page quickly and easily.
  2. Use MackinVIA as a virtual book cart. When students in your classroom are working on a project, whether it is about the solar system, animals, or history, pull together appropriate eBooks from your school’s MackinVIA to meet the needs of your students. Kids can either search for the topics they need or access a Group for their project.
  3. Get families involved. Increase awareness of your school’s eBook collection by assigning an eBook-related activity for students to work on with their families or care-givers. Because many eBooks on MackinVIA are web-based, they are accessible to your students for at-home use on any computer with Internet access. Additionally, students who download the new MackinVIA app can access many eBooks offline using a smartphone, tablet device or personal computer.
  4. Organize an eBook scavenger hunt.
  5. Have your students work with their families to find an eBook that is related to their culture, careers, interests or location. Do an eBook report based on that connection.
  6. Use eBooks from MackinVIA on your electronic whiteboard.