Can I add MackinVIA resources to my Learning Management System (LMS)?

Yes – MackinVIA supports connections for Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, and more! Please visit the Integrations section of our help guide for information on establishing these connections.

Can I add a link to MackinVIA on my school or library website?

Yes – the MackinVIA URL is Additionally, please visit our Downloads page to access MackinVIA images, as well as widgets with HTML code.

How do I activate the promotions available in MackinVIA?

You can activate special offers from the “Promotions” tab within your MackinVIA Administrator account. Promotions include free digital resources and trials. If MARC records are available for a promotion, you can download them here after activation.

How do I view the usage for my MackinVIA collection?

In your MackinVIA Administrator account, you have access to a proprietary report engine for resource usage with the ability to run reports for a single MackinVIA collection or multiple locations. Additionally, you can view historical Backpack activity for your users. Backpack activity includes checkouts, online reads, assignments, requests, and favorites. Please Note: Mackin has the…

How do I access my MackinVIA Administrator account?

Your MackinVIA Administrator account can be accessed through After logging in, click on My Account > MackinVIA. Alternatively, you can go to and log in with your email address and password.