Will shared resources be housed in a separate MackinVIA account?

No – Each school or library will have their own MackinVIA account. This is the only account users will need in order to access digital purchases from Mackin, regardless of the purchasing entity. Individual site purchases will automatically flow into MackinVIA. Shared digital content will be distributed to the requested individual account(s) and the licensing…

Can I purchase eBooks and/or digital audiobooks to share with other schools or libraries in my organization?

Yes – If requested, digital purchases can be set up to allow for sharing between schools or libraries. Mackin’s Digital Services team will work with you to ensure that orders meet the licensing requirements of our publishing partners. Please Note: Sharing digital content is limited to future purchases. Existing resources purchased at the site level…

Can I renew my database subscriptions through Mackin if they were originally ordered from the publisher?

This depends on the publisher. Some publishers will allow you to renew your subscription through Mackin, while others require you to renew through the source from which the subscription was originally purchased. Please contact Mackin’s Digital Services team to determine if this option is available.

How do I renew my digital subscriptions?

You can manage digital subscriptions from your MackinVIA Administrator account. To renew a resource, click the Renew button next to the title in your Subscription Manager and select it to a Mackin.com list for ordering. You can also contact us to request a quote.

How soon after I place an order will my digital resources be available?

On average, it takes up to 1-2 weeks for a digital order to be filled and the titles to appear in your MackinVIA account.