How do I create a list?

Mackin’s in-house librarians and development specialists have prepared thousands of library and classroom-related lists and organized them on To browse these lists, log into and go to Title Lists > Search All.

Click on any of the links in the sidebar to view topics related to a specific category and begin exploring the subtopics and corresponding lists. A breadcrumb menu at the top of each page will let you know where you are within the Mackin Title Lists database and enable you to return to a previous category.

Search through our custom database by choosing Mackin Title Lists in the Search bar field dropdown menu and entering keyword(s).

Clicking on a list will bring up the listing of individual titles. Results can be further refined using the dynamic filters on the sidebar.

Change Lists

To copy all the titles of a prepared list to one of your lists, make sure you select the list you wish to transfer the titles to by clicking on your Shopping Cart and selecting Change ListSelect a List from the menu in the pop-up window.