Where can I find MARC records for orders that have shipped?

Download MARC Records

MARC records are included with our free standard processing and are sent with each shipment in an order. Depending on your designated preference on the Cataloging and Processing form (see Specifications), there are two ways to obtain your MARC records:

  • Email – Records will be delivered as an attachment to the shipment notification.
  • Download – The shipment notification will indicate that records are available for download from our website.

Please Note: If you choose email, you will also have the ability to download MARC records from our website.

To download your MARC records, log into Mackin.com and go to My Account Orders.

Narrow down your orders by using the Location and Year dropdown menus.  Select the Download MARC Records link associated with the desired order/invoice and follow the instructions.

The MARC records will download.  Locate the downloaded zip folder and open it.  Note:  It may be in the Downloads area.

Drag or save only the MARC21 file to your desktop (DO NOT open the file as you will be unable to view the records without the proper MARC record utility.).

For records received by email, please save the MARC file to your desktop.

Use the import program for your library software to ingest the records into your system. For specific procedures on importing MARC records with your particular software, consult the manual or software representative.