Google Classroom

Full Administrators and Group Managers can post MackinVIA resources, groups, assignments, class sets and categories to their Google Classroom accounts using the Share buttons.

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Activate Integration
Locate the Share Button
Complete the Share

Activate Integration

To enable the Google Classroom integration, first log into your MackinVIA Administrator account ( with your email address and password. (Please Note: In order to activate this feature, you must be a Full Administrator.)

Go to Settings > Integrations.

Select the Google Classroom tab and confirm the button reads Enabled. If the button reads Disabled, click to enable it.

Locate the Share Button


Go to Classroom > Assignments and click on the Share button next to the desired assignment.

Class Sets

Go to Classroom > Class Sets and click on the Share button next to the desired class set.


Go to Settings > Categories and click on the Share button next to the desired category.


Go to Classroom Groups and click on the Share button next to the desired group.


Go to Resources > All and locate the desired resource. Select the title or cover image to view the resource details, then click on the Share button below the cover image.

Complete the Share

After clicking on the Share button, log into your Google account and choose a class and an action.

Create an assignment or make an announcement by adding instructions and selecting a topic and/or due date.


  • After a MackinVIA assignment, class set, category, group, or resource is shared to Google Classroom, users will click on the link and be directed to MackinVIA for access. After logging into MackinVIA, users can browse the collection, check out/request titles, and take notes as normal.
  • If you share a MackinVIA assignment or class set to Google Classroom, the code will automatically be redeemed after users log into their Backpacks.