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While our standard cataloging and processing is free, there may be additional charges for cataloging/processing that are outlined in the specifications that have been provided to us for your particular library. In addition, while we do not charge for shipping for orders over $50, additional charges may be incurred for the shipment of rush orders or those shipped outside of the United States. If your order only requires our free cataloging and processing and the list is over the requisite amount of $50, the list total is your total price.

If you need a list total that accounts for additional charges, you can accomplish this in one of two ways:

  1. Request a quote by emailing with your school name, list name, and any special instructions. A quote may also be requested by contacting customer service by email, phone 1-800-245-9540 or Live Chat.
  2. Additional processing fees can be added to your online list as a line item (this is only available for the processing charges listed below). These can be found by searching by Sets and Series and entering Processing Supplies. Select the processing required and enter the qty of items. Your list total will reflect the additional line items.

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