All Group Managers

A Group that is managed by All Group Managers means all Group Managers at your school can add or remove titles from that Group. Full Administrators can always manage titles within all Groups. Essentially, the management of this Group is shared by all users with MackinVIA permissions.

If you are a Full Administrator, you can always make changes to Group management—for example, changing All Group Managers to only one Group Manager. However, if you are a Group Manager, you need to contact a Full Administrator to make the change. Once a Group is managed by all staff, only a Full Administrator can reassign its management.

To open up the management of a Group to all Group Managers, first log into your MackinVIA Administrator account ( with your email address and password.

Choose Classroom > Groups (make sure you select the correct VIA if there is more than one account).

Click Edit next to the name of the Group you want to edit.


Select All Group Managers in the Manager dropdown menu. Now all users with permissions can add or delete titles from the Group. NOTE: Once a Group is managed by All Group Managers, only Full Administrators can change the Group information such as title and description.