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Limited-Time Offers

MackinVIA’s new Promotions feature allows MackinVIA sites to access a publisher’s digital content at no cost for a specified period of time. As soon as you activate the content, it becomes accessible in your school’s MackinVIA website. To activate the new functionality, first log into your…

All Group Managers

A Group that is managed by All Group Managers means all Group Managers at your school can add or remove titles from that Group. Full Administrators can always manage titles within all Groups. Essentially, the management of this Group is shared by all users with MackinVIA permissions. If you are a…

Activate or Deactivate Existing Resources

First, log into your MackinVIA Administrator account ( with your email address and password. Choose Resources > All (make sure you select the correct VIA if there is more than one account). Activate the titles you want visible to your patrons….