Why are digital resources purchased from other vendors asking for a username and password when accessed through MackinVIA?

While we work with other vendors to authenticate migrated resources, it is not always possible to eliminate an additional login. In these situations, users will need to log into the vendor’s website after opening the resource from MackinVIA.

Can I still log into MackinVIA as a guest even though my school/library has Backpack Authentication?

Yes – While logging into your Backpack with the approved authentication is preferred, you can still access your school or library’s guest account if needed. To log in as a guest: Go to Leave the school field blank. Enter the guest user ID and password for your school/library.

My school/library has Backpack Authentication, and staff members are being logged into the wrong location. What should I do?

With Backpack Authentications, MackinVIA relies on how your user data is organized. Staff members may not be designated to a specific location, causing them to be directed into a default MackinVIA account. To change accounts, please have staff use the Change School feature in their Backpack profiles.

What information do I need to provide for troubleshooting a Backpack Authentication login error?

Please provide the following to our Integrations team when reporting a MackinVIA login error: Location User role Method of access – browser or app Browser and/or device information Optional: User ID Optional: Screenshot of error message

One of my users received an “Authentication Failed” error message when attempting to log into a Backpack. What should I do?

The user may be entering incorrect login credentials. If you manage Backpacks for your school or library, please log into your MackinVIA Administrator account and update the user’s user ID or password. If your school or library has Backpack Authentication, please contact Mackin’s Integrations team for assistance.