Filter Lists

If you want to filter a list down to a manageable size, or if you want to look for something specific within a list, you can use the Filter List feature. Filtering a list allows you to search for and view specific titles or groups of titles within a list that you have created. Some examples of uses for filters: to separate a list by Dewey areas, calculate the dollar amount for specific parts of a list, move or copy filtered titles to a new list, make changes to quantities, priorities, notes, etc.

Open the list you want to filter and click on Filter List.

Now select your parameters. You may select more than one filter. To only display fiction, for example, select Fiction in the Classification area.

Once your parameters are chosen, click Filter List at the top or bottom of the page to view your filtered list. Press Clear Form if you want to start over.

You may filter your list as many times as you’d like. Additionally, you may use any number of available criteria. To refine your filter, go to Edit Filters, or Remove Filters to remove parameters.