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Usage Reports for Multiple Locations

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To run a usage report for multiple locations, log into your MackinVIA Administrator account ( with your email address and password.

Go to Reports > Usage. (Please note: You can run this report from any of your VIA accounts.)


Select All from the Scope dropdown menu.


Select the date range you want analyzed. Click on the calendar icons to open the calendars.


Choose whether you want to view statistics for DatabaseseBooksAudiobooksVideos, or Links under Resource Type. Select All if you want to run a report for all of the resources in the MackinVIA accounts.

Resource Type

Finally, select how you would like to view the report. You can either open the report in Microsoft Excel using the “Export All” button or you can view the report on the screen using the “View Report” button.

Scope All-Export-View

For detailed information regarding the statistics available in Usage Reports, please see Usage Report Statistics.

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