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What does the flower icon (9) mean next to some titles on the website?

Compendium is a professionally compiled collection of the most recent, highly reviewed K-12 titles — created exclusively for Mackin customers and provided free of charge. All selections have been culled from the nation’s acclaimed review sources. Rather than you reading thousands of reviews, our expert librarians do it for you. Titles included in our Compendium are denoted with a flower icon when you perform a search on Compendium is available as a free app for your smartphone or tablet and can be downloaded in the iTunes store, Google Play, or on Amazon. It can also be viewed online at


On the Home page, go to Services > Programs > Compendium for more information.


Alternately, after logging into, navigate to Title Lists > Compendium to view past issues of Compendium. Inside every issue you’ll find titles for elementary, middle school, high school, nonprint, professional and reference. All titles have a full-color book image, in-depth summary, review sources, author and publisher, ISBN, available bindings/formats, subject heading and more.


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