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Library/Reinforced (L/R) and Trade Hardcover (T-HC) bindings are publisher hardcover books. The Library binding is the best available binding and has been specially reinforced to last longer. It is intended for high-volume library use and is made to withstand the rigors of repeated checkouts. A Trade Hardcover binding is a standard hardcover and is most often what you find in a local bookstore.

MackinBound (MB) titles are prebound paperbacks that are a cost-effective alternative to publisher hardcover books and carry a lifetime guarantee against defects and binding failure. Many paperback books can be converted to a hardcover binding called a MackinBound (commonly called a ‘prebound paperback’). Our MackinBound process uses polyvinyl covers to provide protection, while using the original paperback cover or a professionally scanned version of the original artwork when bound to heavy binder boards. With both covers, the book is rebound; glued or sewn, depending on the thickness of the book and/or the density of the pages to meet or exceed all industry standards, resulting in a durable, hardcover book. All MackinBound books are fully guaranteed against defects as long as the purchased ISBNs remain in print.

Paperbacks (PBK) are a publisher’s soft cover binding. Mackin is able to laminate these paperback titles for an additional charge per book. Laminate covers can be applied to the entire cover to provide protection for the book. We can also provide a Colibri cover on any book for an additional charge per book. These charges are not reflected on website lists.

Flexibound (FLEXI) titles are sewn books wrapped in flexible, turned-edge covers that provide more durability, flexibility and the ability to lie flat. The cover itself is often comprised of a printed sheet turned over a thick cover stock, then film laminated for extra rub resistance. Cookbooks, catalogs, field and travel guides, and directories are popular flexi-cover applications. They are often bound this way to offer ease of use and transport, and offer a less expensive option than a hardback binding, while offering higher quality than a traditional paperback.

MASS titles are paperback titles that are produced by the publisher for the mass market. These books are generally smaller and contain lesser quality paper than the traditional paperback. This format is indicated by the MASS heading underneath the Title field on your list or search results.


Digital Resources

  • Single-user License: Only one person can use this title at a time.
  • Multi-user License: Simultaneous access is provided so more than one person at a single site can use this title at the same time.
  • Class Set: 1 Student Copy License: Only one student can use a copy of this title for the license term, and the copy will be used up once the term ends.
  • Subscription Access: This digital resource is available for a limited period. At the end of the subscription period, you must renew your subscription to continue access. Subscription periods are noted for applicable titles and may be based on timeframe (such as one year) or number of checkouts (such as 26 checkouts).
  • Perpetual Access: You only need to purchase this digital resource once and will have perpetual access.
  • Worldwide Rights: Worldwide Rights (WWR) indicates the title is eligible for distribution outside of the United States in all foreign countries.

Please see below for a definition of other formats.

  • AUDEV = Audio Device
  • BIGBK = Oversized / Big Book
  • BOARD = Board Book
  • DIGAUD – Digital Audiobook
  • DIGVID = Digital Video
  • EDAID = Educational Aid
  • FLEXI = Flexibound
  • KIT = Kit (multiple items)
  • LLEAF = Loose Leaf Book
  • MAP = Map
  • OBJECT = Three Dimensional Object
  • ONLINE = Online Product / Site Subscription
  • POSTR = Poster / Graphic Art
  • QUIZ = Quiz
  • SPIRAL = Spiralbound Book
  • VIDEV = Video Device
  • DVD = DVD
  • BLURAY = Blu-ray Disc
  • A-CD = Audio Book CD
  • M-CD = Music CD
  • MP3-CD = MP3 Format CD
  • S-CD = Software CD
  • DISC = Unknown Disc Format
  • EBOOK = Electronic Book