Add or Delete Titles

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mackindotcom82From the Search Results page, checking the box next to a title (in the Select column) immediately adds the title to your current list.

Similarly, you may add a title from a Full Record page by checking the Select box in the sidebar. Make sure you are saving the title to the list you want. Your current list is displayed in the Saving titles to: dropdown menu. Save titles to another list by changing the current list in the dropdown menu before checking the Select box.


Change the quantity either before or after you make a selection in the Qty column. Click Enter or Return on your keyboard to save the change.



Deselect the title by unchecking the box in the Select column. Deselected titles remain on your list unchecked with a zero quantity (in case you change your mind and choose to reselect it); however, these titles won’t print or appear on your order.


If you would like to remove all your deselected title permanently, click Options on the main menu bar and choose Remove Deleted Titles. Make sure you are viewing the list for which you want to remove deselected titles.



After making a change to your list, you may recalculate totals by clicking on the Update Totals button.


You can also calculate totals for multiple lists when you are on the My Lists page.