ILS Integration Partnerships

The following table illustrates the status of our ILS partnerships/features:

*SirsiDynix integration available through eResource Central (eRC). 

The optional features available through these partnerships are detailed below:

MARC Record Import: MARC records will be automatically uploaded into participating systems, eliminating the need for librarians to load the records. 

Circulation and Availability: The library catalog will display real-time availability for MackinVIA resources. Users can also place holds and check out MackinVIA resources directly from the catalog. Additionally, with the SirsiDynix integration, any resources in MackinVIA will be automatically added to eRC after a sync is performed.

User Authentication – SIP2: This integration connects MackinVIA with the library catalog. Users will log into MackinVIA using their catalog credentials.

User Authentication – SSO: This single sign-on integration connects MackinVIA with the library catalog. Users logged into the catalog can open MackinVIA resources without being prompted for an additional login. Alternatively, users accessing MackinVIA directly will log in using their catalog credentials. Please note: For the Accessit, Insignia, SirsiDynix, and TLC integrations, external authentication such as SIP2 is recommended if users would like to access MackinVIA directly.

User Management: The Data Sync Service (DSS) API is available for use in conjunction with user authentication for account provisioning, modification, and de-provisioning. Documentation and developer credentials are available upon request.