Move or Copy Titles

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There are three ways to move and copy titles, depending on your specific needs.

Single Items

If you would like to move or copy a single item to another list…

Click on a title to open its Full Record.


Choose Options > Move/Copy Title.


A pop-up window will appear. Choose whether you want to Move or Copy the title. Then choose the list you want to move/copy the item to. Click the Move/Copy button when you’re finished.


Single Items (Lists Side-by-Side)

If you would like to move or copy one item at a time while viewing your lists side-by-side…

Start on the My Lists page. Log into and navigate to My Lists > See All Lists.

List Totals

Then choose Options > Move/Copy.


You will see your source list on the left side and the destination list (the list you’re copying/moving items to) on your right. Choose the Move or Copy button on the source list to send a title to your destination list.


Groups of Titles (All Titles, Selections Only, Deletions Only)

If you would like to move or copy groups of titles (All Titles, Selections Only, Deletions Only)…

Open your list (either the entire list or a filtered version).


Choose Options > Batch Move/Copy.


A pop-up window will appear. From the first dropdown, select whether you want to move or copy titles. On the next dropdown, choose whether you would like to move/copy all titles, selected titles, or deletions only. Finally, choose the list you would like to move/copy items to from the last dropdown. Click Move/Copy when you are finished, or Cancel if you would like to cancel.


NOTE: If you would like to copy an entire list to a new list, you should choose the Merge feature. The original list you seek to combine with another list will remain intact when you choose the Merge option. For example, if you merge a list entitled “Japanese Graphic Novels” into another list “Graphic Novels,” then the “Japanese Graphic Novels” list will remain intact. However, “Graphic Novels,” as it was before the additional items from the “Japanese Graphic Novels” will no longer exist. “Graphic Novels” will now include all the items from “Japanese Graphic Novels” in addition to all the items it had before the merge. Learn more about Merging Lists.