About Class Sets

With the Class Sets feature, Administrators and Group Managers can purchase and allocate copies of short-term license eBooks for use within the classroom. This allows educators to effectively utilize digital resources needed for projects, novel sets, and reading groups.

Only one student can access a copy of the Class Set eBook for the license term, and the copy will be used up once the term ends. Licenses are non-transferable; however, an add/drop period was built into the feature to account for student transfers.

Once a class set is created, teachers and/or librarians will provide students with a code or redemption link to access the resource in their Backpacks for the length of the license term.

Important Notes:

  • Class Set eBooks will not be included in circulation, and therefore will not be discoverable on the student side of MackinVIA outside of this feature.
  • MARC records will not be provided; these resources are designated for classroom use only.
  • Titles will not appear on usage reports.