Prioritize Titles

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Priorities can either be set as you add titles to your list, or you can edit priorities once a list is created (titles automatically default to the priority set in your profile).

First make sure that the Priority box is checked on your column selections for both searches and lists, so that the priority information displays. To do this, click on the SELECT COLUMNS link on the list menu.


Put a checkmark next to Priority. Press Close.


If you are adding a title to your list, check the Select box to add the title and go to the Priority column to change the priority, if desired. You can do this either from the search results page…


…or from an item’s Full Record.


You can also change the priority of an item that’s already on a list. Simply open that list, go to the priority column, and make a change.


If you prefer to default to something other than priority “A,” log into and navigate to My Mackin > My Profile.


Under the List Options heading, you can choose your default. Make sure that you click Save Changes.