Calculate List Totals

Single List After adding or deleting a title or changing a quantity, the List Total section at the top of the page will automatically adjust to reflect your charges. Multiple Lists You can also calculate totals for multiple lists. First, go to My Account > My Lists. From there, go to Options and choose List Totals. Select the lists…

Adjust Quantity of Items

From the List Details of your desired list, adjust quantities by changing the number in the Qty field and pressing Enter/Return on your keyboard.

Activate Dup Check

Dup Check examines a list for exact matches or items that share the same Title, Author, Added Entry, and Series Title. Open the list that you want Dup Check to scan for duplicates. From the List Detail page, go to Options > Dup Check. If there are any matches, uncheck the items you don’t want. NOTE: You will need to delete the deselected…

Manage Your Lists

You can manage all of your submitted and unsubmitted lists from the My Lists page. Go to My Account > My Lists to access your lists. Individual List To view and adjust information for an individual list, select the Manage dropdown menu next to the desired list. From the Manage menu, you can: View the list summary Print the list Edit the list information Forward the list Archive the list…

Request a Quote

To request a Quote for your Mackin List, first log into your account with your username/password. To skip to a subsection of this topic, choose from the links below. Request a Quote on Request a Quote by fax or email Request a Quote on Click on the Shopping Cart icon and select Request A…


You will enjoy discounts up to 45% off list price simply by using Mackin. We provide the best bottom line price on the nation’s most popular school titles because of our exclusive acquisition service with over 18,000 publishers. Of course, book prices vary depending on a host of features: content, binding, reading level, and publisher.

Damaged Items

MackinBounds are durable and made to last. Should a MackinBound binding fail, just contact Customer Service at or call us at 800.245.9540 and we’ll put a credit on your account for the failed item or send you a replacement at no charge.


Attach the coupon with your mailed or faxed orders. If submitting an order online, please enter the coupon code in the field that reads Enter Coupon Code (if applicable) on Step 1 of the ordering wizard.


To skip to a subsection of this topic, choose from the links below. Free Shipping International Shipping Shipment Schedule Virtual Inventory Free Shipping There is no charge to ship anywhere in the United States.  Charges for shipping outside of the 50 states are based on the method and carrier required for shipment. International Shipping Mackin…

Preview Titles

While searching and managing lists on, a Preview feature is available for select titles. Whenever the Preview button is displayed next to a title on, an online preview is available to help you evaluate it. Clicking the Preview button opens a new browser tab displaying the preview. In many cases, approximately 10 percent of the content is available, depending…