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Merge Lists

Please Note: When combining lists, your original list will remain intact after you select the Merge option. For example, if you merge a list entitled “Japanese Graphic Novels” into a separate list entitled “Graphic Novels”, then the “Japanese Graphic Novels” list will remain…

Foreign Language & Bilingual Titles (Filter)

To only show titles written in English, you will need to adjust your Search Page Preferences. Log into and navigate to My Mackin > My Profile. Check the box next to “Don’t show Foreign Language” and click “Save Changes.” See Customize Search Results…

Filter Lists

If you want to filter a list down to a manageable size, or if you want to look for something specific within a list, you can use the Filter List feature. Filtering a list allows you to search for and view specific titles or groups of titles within a list that you have created. Some…

Export Lists

You may open your list in either Excel or Word. When you are viewing a specific list, choose Options on the main menu, highlight Print or Export, and choose either Export to Word or Export to Excel. An exported list can be saved and emailed to others.

Edit List Information

There are three ways you can adjust your list information. Choose one of the following to revise your list name or to add/change PO information, Dollar Limit, or tax rate. 1) After you create a list, choose Edit List Info under the Options menu when your list is open. 2) On the My Lists page,…

Delete Lists

If you would like to delete a list you created, make sure you are viewing the list you want to delete, then go to Options in the dropdown menu and choose Delete List. You will be asked to confirm your request to delete the list. You may also delete a list when viewing My Lists […]

Change Formats

Single List Item There are a few ways you can change the bindings/formats on your list. If you want to change the format of a single list item, make sure that other formats/bindings are available (please read this topic for more information). Open the item’s Full Record by clicking on the…

Calculate List Totals

Single List You will notice that after adding or deleting a title or changing a quantity, the Update Totals section at the top of the page will be highlighted and the Update Totals button will become active. After making a change to a list, you can update the total of that particular list by…

Adjust Quantity of Items

Adjust quantities by changing the number in the Qty field and pressing Enter/Return on your keyboard. You may change the quantity either before or after you make a selection.